Has Your Past Paralyzed You?

 Live today in such a way that you are looking towards tomorrow, but not living there. Many times Christians find themselves living in one of two places. They are either living their life in the future (when I get married, when I have kids, when the kids are grown, when I make more money) or living chained to their past. Both hurt today. In doing so, they are neglecting what God has called them to do in the present. (more…)

Do You Value People?

How you see others will reveal how you see your own position with God. Valuing others isn’t just something we should do, but rather what we must do. In this, I go back to the Lord’s prayer – “Our Father” you’ve got to understand we are all children of God. We are coheirs in Christ. We all have the same heavenly father, and our father loves each of us equally. We can’t do anything that will make him love us more. We may all look different, we may all sound different, we may all talk different, but we are all equal in the fact that we are covered by the blood of Jesus Christ. There is no inequality under the blood. My sin didn’t take a different amount of blood to cover than yours. (more…)

Is Your Coffee Worth A Million Dollars?

Nearly every day we make decisions that affect our current and future financial position. Many people stop for a $5 cup of coffee nearly every morning. While there’s nothing wrong with a good cup of coffee, you need to understand that decision– if done every day of your working career — could be a million dollar decision. Look at it this way: instead of having a $5 cup of coffee five days a week, if you invested those funds earning an average of 12% return over a 40-year working career, you would have accumulated $979,307. I hope it was a good cup of coffee because that coffee potentially cost you a million dollars. (more…)