Breaking Free from the Chains of Perfectionism


Breaking free from perfectionism

101 Christ first and foremost. This requires prayerful self-reflection to answer the questions – what does it mean for me to be made by God? How does my relationship with Him inform every area of my life? It can sometimes be difficult to separate truth from false beliefs and expectations. Still, Ephesians 2:10 speaks loudly of God’s faithfulness and love for us, reminding us that we are His workmanship and He has designed each step for us to take. As we answer these questions honestly, our lives become focused on being authentic instead of striving for perfectionism, liberating us from worrying about how others perceive us or trying too hard to fit into certain molds and expectations.

Perfectionism is a Trap 

Perfectionism is a dangerous trap as it creates an unattainable standard of beauty, intelligence, or success where individuals feel inadequate or too scared to try something new. But our identity no longer needs to come from what society says or tells us; instead, it should be rooted in who God is and how He sees us. Therefore, we can confidently accept all its beauty, knowing that whatever gifts or talents we possess were given by Him so that we may use them with joy and not fear failure or rejection.

Releasing Ourselves From The Chains Of Perfectionism

To break free from these chains of perfectionism, we need daily doses of encouragement and reminders that He made us each unique with a special purpose in mind so that every moment would bring Him glory. As we walk this road with Him, may He open our hearts and minds so that our steps align with their true purpose: fulfilling His destiny for our lives! We must learn to value ourselves as human beings with divine gifts instead of comparing our worth with someone else’s notion of success.

It takes courage and commitment to seek out your true identity in Christ; however, guided prayerful reflection can unravel the mysteries as you get closer to discovering who you are meant to be. It is an incredible privilege to know that God desires greatness for each of His children, so begin boldly by trusting in Him along the way, knowing that no matter what happens, he is with you and has great plans for you. Knowing this brings great joy, and as you look back at your journey with Him, you will say look at what He did!

3 Action Steps To Releasing Ourselves From The Chains Of Perfectionism

  1. Pray daily for guidance in understanding your true identity in Christ
  2. Read scripture regularly with a focus on verses like Ephesians 2:10, which speaks loudly of God’s faithfulness
  3. Speak encouraging truths over yourself throughout the day, such as “I am loved unconditionally by God.”
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