Why Waiting Is More Than Just Enduring: Embracing the Wait

Embrace the wait

Waiting is often viewed as an unfortunate part of life that needs to be endured and dealt with but not necessarily enjoyed or embraced. The truth is that waiting can be a precious exercise in patience, allowing us to grow spiritually. We can move towards a more prosperous, more fulfilling life by learning to embrace the wait.

Patience is one of the key virtues discussed throughout the Bible. Paul in writing to the Corinthian church describes love as being patient. Practicing patience through embracing wait times can help us build resilience. Patience allows us to practice acceptance of circumstances, seeing them for what they are rather than trying to make them something else. This teaches us to trust in God’s plan for our lives instead of trying to control it ourselves. It also helps us develop our ability to wait on God’s timing – something necessary if we wish our lives to work out in the way we desire.

Embracing the wait also gives us an opportunity for spiritual growth. Instead of allowing idle moments filled with impatience and frustration, we can use this time as an opportunity for growth in faith and understanding of God’s nature. Rather than thinking about how long the wait will take, focus on using those moments to pray or meditate on scriptures that speak to your current situation. Allow yourself to be open and reflective as you wait so that you can come out of it wiser and more aware than when you went in.

Finally, embracing wait times allows us to practice contentment – another essential Christian trait that helps enrich our lives spiritually and emotionally. Spend your wait times focusing on these areas instead of worrying about how short or long they may be – embrace them as opportunities for spiritual development! Contentment teaches us to appreciate what we have now instead of constantly striving for something better or different; this ultimately helps cultivate a deep sense of fulfillment no matter what stage of life you find yourself.

Overall, waiting doesn’t have to be something you merely endure – it can be a valuable exercise in patience that brings incredible rewards if appropriately embraced. Whether it’s while waiting on answers from God or simply needing some extra time before starting something new, learn how to make the most out of wait times by finding contentment and spiritual growth within them instead!



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Todd Hukill

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