Your Trusted Guide in Faith-Based Financial Leadership


I’m delighted to connect with you as we traverse the intersections of faith, finance, and leadership. With over two decades in personal and professional finance, I offer guidance grounded in Christian principles.

In 2000, I embarked on my journey as a Financial Advisor. For the past 15 years, I’ve served as the Finance Director of a Ministry Network. These roles enriched my understanding of finance, enabling me to provide comprehensive financial advice.

But my expertise extends beyond finance. I’ve also been deeply engaged in pastoral work. Roles as a Church Planter, Lead Pastor, and Church Planting Director allowed me to positively impact communities and support church planters during their foundational stages.

This varied experience equips me to empower pastors with insightful financial planning and assist churches in achieving financial stability for effective community service. In my writing, I examine leadership and current events through a Christian lens, offering insights on navigating complexities with integrity.

Additionally, I’m on a personal journey of growth and self-improvement. I’m passionate about exploring ways to maintain a restful heart posture and prioritize family amidst a bustling lifestyle. I am eager to share these insights and offer tips and strategies to support your journey.

Open Conversations:

I value your thoughts and experiences – they enrich our community and contribute to our collective wisdom and growth. I invite you to engage, share your feedback, and join me on this journey of exploration and development.

Together, let’s learn, grow, and create positive ripple effects within our communities and beyond.

Stay tuned for more information about the upcoming launch of Legacy Path Advisors LLC.

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