Release Your Worry: 4 Practical Ways to Delight in God

Release your worry:

Release your worry:

It can be easy for us to worry and stress about things that are out of our control – but being still and trusting God is essential. Psalm 37:4 tells us, “Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart.” No matter what we may be facing, let’s remember that God is sovereign over all! He wants us to have true joy and peace, so why not give ourselves permission to rest and trust in His loving guidance?

Below are some practical ways to delight in the Lord. Sow these seeds so you can reap the blessings that come with them.

1. Pray

Prayer is a way to share what’s on our hearts, thank Him for His goodness, and ask for guidance. Prayer shows humility before God and allows us to realign our thoughts with His perspective. Open up your prayer time by reading scripture as well; it will help set the tone for your conversation with Him. If you’re stuck or unable to think of anything specific, try repeating simple phrases such as “God bless us” or “I am yours” – speaking these words aloud lifts our spirits & brings us closer to Him!

2. Spend Time in Nature

God created us for a relationship with Him. Connecting with nature reminds us of His wonders! Take a walk along a path or by a lake – anywhere that speaks to you – and spend some quiet time reflecting on all He has done for you. We have a trail that goes through the woods behind our house that I like to walk through, especially when I need to clear my head. If you’ve not gotten out from inside the house into the Lord’s creation, do so today and get ready to feel renewed as you soak up His beauty all around you! Take a notepad to write what he says to you and take some pictures – photographs coupled with your notes help preserve moments we don’t want to fade away! Connecting with nature also reminds us of how much He values all life & encourages nurture, a special sanctity bond between Him and His creation, even if their level of awareness is beyond understanding.

3. Sing Praises

Look at how powerful music can be when used as worship! You don’t need to be able to sing like some Grammy winner – your singing might be as bad as mine, but when you open your mouth and begin to sing of His goodness, the worries of this life seem to be released as you sing. Lifting songs of praise shifts our focus from ourselves onto Him – try it out next time you find yourself feeling overwhelmed or discouraged! You might even record yourself singing/humming praises & listen back every now & then throughout the day to remind yourself how much He loves us despite any brokenness inside each one of us!

4. Read Devotionals & Scriptures

It’s good for us mentally & spiritually to read devotionals or scriptures daily – it helps keep our eyes on Jesus! Find some authors who speak the truth in an area where you need encouragement or use Bible study tools such as BibleGateway or YouVersion app (these have great features such as Bible Reading Plans). Make it part of your daily routine no matter how little time you have – it helps refocus our minds on Him. Read slowly through passages word-by-word if necessary, simply noting down any thought triggers that jump out during the process. Taking breaks is okay, rather than forcing oneself to plow through verses. Instead, why not pause about every few sentences, and meditate on those ideas so you can understand them more completely?

Remember that in delighting ourselves in the Lord, we can be assured of His guidance and blessings. Prayer, time in nature, singing praises, and reading devotionals & scriptures are just a few ways to enjoy the presence of God. Today, rest in Him and feel the world’s worries lift! He is with us every step of the way – so let’s be sure to cherish these moments of connection with Him.

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Todd Hukill

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