You Need an Unshakable Rock

An Unshakable Rock
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It can be easy to rely on our strengths and resources in this world. But when storms come our way, it’s important to remember that God alone provides true stability and security. He alone is our Rock and Salvation — forever providing us peace and protection during trying times.

Psalm 62:6 reassures us, “He alone is my rock and my salvation, my fortress where I will not be shaken.” As Christians, we have an incredible privilege to trust the Lord — knowing that no matter what adversity comes our way, we won’t be shaken by the storms of life.

Our Solid Foundation

We don’t need to worry about our plans failing or the foundations of what we’ve built being destroyed because, ultimately, those things are just temporal with no lasting security. Instead, let us focus on building a solid foundation for ourselves in Christ so that even during hardship and pain, we will never be overcome by what lies ahead! When everything else around us feels like it’s crumbling down, we cast our career upon the Lord — because His promises remain firm and sure even when everything else fails (1 Peter 5:7–9).

Our Protection

David writes in his psalm that God alone provides defense against the tumultuous seas coming our way. His arms reach out for us even when it seems like there’s nowhere else to turn (Isaiah 41:10). Let’s surrender ourselves fully to His care and trust Him as He shields us from harm! We don’t have to feel helplessly tossed in turbulent waters without a safe harbor because Jesus always offers refuge from danger.

Our Rock Of Stability

It can be hard to stay stable if our sense of security comes from anything other than faith in God. If everything around us fails or shifts away, His kingdom stands strong. It cannot be shaken by any stormy wave that threatens it. When troubles arrive, let’s invest more time into growing spiritually with Christ so that we remain unshaken inside, no matter how dire circumstances surround us.

Our Peace In Troubled Waters

Life isn’t easy, but remembering who holds us firmly on this journey gives us perspective on where true safety comes from – not worldly possessions or short-lived accomplishments but through a right relationship with Christ Himself! When fear or uncertainty robs hope, take time for stillness before the Lord—inviting Him into your struggles while trusting Him with your worries again at His feet. This practice can help alleviate confusion while replacing anxiety with assurance.

No matter what stormy waters you may face today – remember that you are never alone when anchored firmly in Christ as your rock and salvation! Let Scripture anchor your soul as you fully trust that nothing can separate you from His love (Romans 8:39).

Take courage today, — for though troubles may shake you — God will never waver! Draw near unto Him daily so that He would become your shelter even when darkness looms over your head — no circumstance will ever overtake the promise of peace found only in Him!

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Todd Hukill

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