Easter’s Over, Monday’s Here

For all my pastor friends– if this Easter you hit record attendance and saw more salvations in a day than you’ve seen in a year, it’s probably safe to say you’re feeling on top of the world. On the other hand, if attendance was average or even down from normal and not even the one person who always raises their hand when you say “every head bowed,” my guess is you might also be questioning your call right now.

Now what do you do? You remember whose church it is you’ve been called to steward. You remember this no matter how great your day was yesterday or if it seems your Easter service fell flat.

It’s not your church. If you’re anything like me when things go just right, and everything falls into place, I tend to take way too much credit, and the opposite is also true. When nothing seems to go the way, I envisioned or expected it to go I tend to shoulder all the blame.

Whether you believe Easter was a grand slam or a strikeout simply ask yourself – was I obedient to the call?

Did I seek God? Did I prepare the best I could? Did I preach the Word? Did I give the opportunity for someone to respond?  If so and He delivered in a big way, thank Him for what He did. If you did all these things and it seems everything came up short – then it’s time for you to walk out what you preach. You don’t see everything that He’s orchestrating. I’ve got no doubt you’ve preached those words to others countless times. The question becomes are they just words? Do they only apply to other people or do you believe them?  Embrace the process and remember it’s His church.

If, however, you didn’t seek God, you didn’t prepare, and you didn’t give an opportunity to respond then repent, seek God and prepare, so you are ready. Sunday is coming again. You have a call upon your life, and you’ve been given responsibility to shepherd His church. Do what you’ve been called to do. Preach the Word! Build up the Saints for the ministry they’ve been called to carry out and by all means remember He is the one that adds to the church!

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