There Is A Door Of Victory

Have you ever felt you just didn’t belong, overwhelmed or even shame? There is a place of belonging available to you. A place where you can be made new. There is a place where forgiveness is given. There is a place filled with mercy and grace. There is a place of restoration and healing. It’s not hard to get to this place. It sits just beyond an open door.

Jesus is the door. He is the door to the father. He is the door to the kingdom of heaven. He is the door to salvation. He is the door to victory. He is the door to redemption. He is the door to family. He is the door to revelation. He is the door to healing.

Just in case you haven’t got it yet Jesus is the door! (more…)

Reserved Parking?

You arrive before everyone, and you leave after they’re all gone. I get why you may want to park close to the building but what kind of message does your Pastor Parking sign give? It not only says to a guest you can’t park here; it also means I’m more important than you.
The sign that gets you in the door sooner so that you can serve the people might keep the very people you’re trying to reach away. If that’s not reason enough to take down the sign check out this article from Christianity Today.
The sign might also end up costing your church money.
Take down the sign. We could all use a few extra steps anyway.